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NTU Alumni Portal FAQ


  1)   Logging in


·  Am I eligible to use the NTU Alumni Portal?

All alumni of NTU, NIE and their predecessor institutions are eligible to access the NTU Alumni Portal.


·  What are the available options for logging in to the NTU Alumni Portal?

Alumni can use their own NTU Alumni Assoc Account or social media accounts (Facebook or LinkedIn) to log in.


·  How do I sign up for an NTU Alumni Assoc Account?

All alumni will be issued an NTU Alumni Assoc Account regardless of graduating institution and year. If you think that you do not have an account, please visit to sign up for one.


·  I think I already have an NTU Alumni Assoc Account. Can I still use that?

Yes, you will still be able to use your current NTU Alumni Assoc Account credentials to access the NTU Alumni Portal. If you do not remember your account username, please visit to retrieve your username.


·  I forgot my NTU Alumni Assoc Account password. How do I reset it?

To reset your password, please visit


     2)   Dashboard


·  How do I view/edit my profile?

You can click on “My Profile” on the upper right corner to enter your personal profile page. Thereafter, click on the “Pencil” icon beside “Connections” to edit your profile.


·  Where do I view my connections?

You may click on “My Connections” (under your profile image) at the top left corner of the home page. Alternatively, you can click on “My Profile” in the upper right corner to enter your personal profile page. Then click on “My Connections”.


·  What is the “People you may know” section about?

This section recommends to you other NTU Alumni Portal users that you may know, based on similar graduating school, year, location or industry, for you to connect to them.


·  Are there any other language options?

English is the only language option for now.

·  How do I access my NTU e-Alumni Card?

If you are on a desktop browser, your NTU e-Alumni Card will be at the top right corner of your dashboard. If you are on a mobile browser, please scroll down to access your NTU e-Alumni Card. It will be after the Feeds Section. Alternatively, you may tap on "Alumni Card"  below your profile picture.

·  What are the benefits of my NTU e-Alumni Card?

Please click on "Our Merchants" in your dashboard for more info. Alternatively, you may visit:


3)   Search


·  What are the search functions in the NTU Alumni Portal?

You may use Global Search (the magnifying glass icon at the top of the dashboard) or the Directory search.


·  How does the Global Search module work?

Global Search checks for results locally within the Portal. You may enter certain keywords into the search box. This is the list of available search results categories:

i)        Alumni Members – You can search based on other members’ name

ii)      Feeds

iii)    Jobs

iv)    Events

v)      Groups


·  How does the search filter function work?

You can use the search filters on the left to further refine your search results. Please select the section you want and tick the relevant checkboxes. Then click on “Apply”. The search results will be filtered based on your filters. You may include more than one search filter.


·  How does the Alumni Directory Search work?

The Alumni Directory will only search for alumni. The search results will be pre-populated with alumni who have a similar profile to you. You can use the filters on the left to further refine your results. You may send invites to the alumni in your search results to join the NTU Alumni Portal. If the alumni in your search results are already members of the NTU Alumni Portal, you may send a connection request to them.



4)   Invites


·  How do I send invites to my friends to join the NTU Alumni Portal?

You can send invites to join the NTU Alumni Portal to your Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections and Gmail address book contacts. Alternatively, you may enter your friend’s email address and your friend will receive an email invite.


·  Why are there only options to send invites through Facebook, LinkedIn or Gmail?

Currently these are the more popular options for sending invites. We are looking into introducing other methods of sending invites for future phases.


·  Can I send invites to non-NTU alumni?

Yes, but they will not be able to log in to the Portal and will only be able to access the Events and News modules.



5)    Profile Page


·  How is the data on my Profile Page populated?

If you access the portal through your NTU Alumni Assoc Account, your profile will be synced with your current profile in the NTU Alumni Database. If you access through your Facebook or LinkedIn social media accounts, your profile will be synced with the respective social media profile.


·  How do I edit my profile?

Click on the “Pencil” icon beside “Connections” to edit your profile.


·  What does the “Visible to” drop down list do?

This is your personal privacy setting for the visibility of each field of your profile. You may choose to allow visibility to “only your connections”, “all Portal users” or “only for yourself”. By default, only the profile name privacy settings cannot be adjusted and will be visible to all users.


·  Can I update my data in the NTU Alumni database?

You may update your profile in the NTU Alumni Portal. Please allow for one working day to process your updated data into the NTU Alumni database.


·  How do I add/update my Professional Profile?

Click on the “+” icon or the “Pencil” icon at the top right corner of the respective sections.


·  How do I connect/remove connections to other alumni users?

To connect to other alumni users, please click on that user’s profile and then click on “Connect”. To remove a connection, go to your profile page and click on “My Connections”. Go to the individual user whom you wish to remove connection to and click on the icon beside the username and select “Remove Connections”.


6)    Events


·  How do I view all the current Events?

Under “My Events” in the “Events” Dashboard, you will be able to see all upcoming and past events that you have registered for. Events that you have been invited to but have not registered for will appear at the “All Events” section.


·  How do I search for an Event?

Go to Global Search module. You may search for all events based on the following criteria:

i)          Event Title

ii)        Date Range

iii)      Month

iv)      Event Category

v)        Keywords


·  How do I register for an Event?

Click on the “Register” button. If you are a registered user of the NTU Alumni Portal and are currently logged in, the registration form will be populated with your personal information. If not, the Portal will prompt you to log in first before completing your registration.


·  Can I register for an event with different personal information from my NTU Alumni Portal profile?

Yes. However, if you wish to change for example your mobile contact number, the NTU Alumni Portal will prompt you to update your profile first.


·  Can non-alumni or guests register for events?

There are no plans for this at this moment.


·  How do I make payment for an event?

Upon completing your registration, you will be directed to the OCBC payment gateway to complete the payment using your credit card.



7)    News and Announcements


·  Can I post my own announcements?

The News and Announcements section is reserved for the NTU Alumni Affairs Office and NBS Alumni Office to post NTU and alumni-related news and announcements.



8)    Feeds


·  What are the types of multimedia content I can post on Feeds?

These are the types of multimedia content you may post on Feeds:

i)          Images (.png, .jpeg, .gif)

ii)        External url

iii)       Embedded audio or video from YouTube or similar sites


·  How do I control who can view what I post on my feeds?

When you are creating the post, select either “Portal Members”, “My Connections” or “Only Me” from the options in the drop down box below the post. “Portal Members” refers to all users and “My Connections” refers to users who are connected to you.


9)    Groups


·  How do I create a new group?

Go to “Groups” and click on “Create a Group”. Please allow for one working day for the group to be approved by an administrator.


·  Can I assign someone else in my group as an administrator?

This function is currently unavailable.


·  How do I add members to my group?

Go to “My Groups”, click on the menu button on the right side and then “Invite”. You may send invites through Email, your Connections or other Groups.


·  Can I join a group that is not related to me?

There is no restriction but the Group owner will decide whether to accept you into the Group.


·  What are the Alumni Association Groups?

These are Groups pre-created based on all the current NTU Alumni Associations to facilitate discussions and networking between the alumni and the respective Alumni Associations’ Committee Members. 

·  Can I create an Alumni Association Group?

To avoid other members from mistaking the created group as an official NTU Alumni Association, alumni members are not allowed to create an Alumni Association Group.



10)    Jobs


·  How do I post a job advertisement?

Please write to either the NTU Alumni Affairs Office ( or NBS Alumni Office ( and we will post the job advertisement on your behalf after it has been vetted and approved.


·  Can I post jobs on behalf of the organisation that I am working for?

Please refer to the NTU Alumni Portal Terms & Conditions section for more information on job postings.


·  How do I apply for a job?

Go to “Jobs” and click on “All Jobs”. Click on the individual “Apply” button for the Job that you are applying for. Please note that some companies may require you to apply through an external website. For more details, please refer to the respective job description.



11)    Messages and Notifications


·  How do I send messages?

Click on the “Messages” icon on the upper right corner of your Dashboard, then click on “Compose”. To select message recipients, please type the name of your connection in the “To” text field. You may select multiple message recipients.


·  How do I archive messages?

Please click on the drop down list for the chat in the left section of the chat window and select “Archive” to archive the message. You can also tick the checkbox to include multiple  chats that you wish to “Archive” and then select “Archive” in the “Action” drop down list.


·  How do I delete messages?

To go to the section of all archived messages, click on the filter icon beneath “Compose” and select “Archived”. Over here, you can tick the checkbox to include multiple chats that you wish to “Unarchive” or “Delete” and then select the relevant function in the “Action” drop down list.


·  How do I view my notifications?

Click on the “Notifications” icon on the upper right corner of your Dashboard.



12)    Other general enquiries


·  What is the purpose of the NTU Alumni Portal?

The NTU Online Portal is a one-stop integrated social media portal exclusively for NTU alumni. The Portal facilitates professional and social networking opportunities and communication amongst NTU alumni users.


·  Are there any other Terms & Conditions in accessing the NTU Alumni Portal?

Please visit for more information.


·  How can I make a gift to NTU?

Please click on “Make a Gift” under the “More” tab.